Challenge on Product Design and Ergonomics


CHRONICS 2016 is the most anticipated Product Design and Ergonomics competition in South East Asia. This year will be the ninth time where remarkable students from all over South East Asia gather to compete and present their astounding ideas on product design. It is one of the biggest multi-level competitions in the region and is held annually by Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri UGM (Industrial Engineering Student Association of Universitas Gadjah Mada).

This Year's Theme
Solutions for Organized Living.

Organized living is a lifestyle focusing on organization and efficiency through the utilization of supportive tools and systems that solve daily problems with the aim of increasing productivity and comfort.

Events Description

CHRONICS consists of 3 stages of selection. The first stage is the Product Concept Selection where every team submits a brief description of their product during April 11th – May 15th, 2016. The background and general concept of the product proposed by participants will be evaluated.

Participants who have passed the first stage of selection will proceed to the second stage which is the Mini Proposal Selection. Each team will develop their initial raw concept into a mini proposal explaining the team identity and roles of its members and details of their product design. This stage starts from June 20th – July 30th, 2016.

This final round comprises of a series of tests which include a Full Proposal Presentation, Case Study Session, Public Exhibition (EXPO), and an investor Pitching Session. This final stage will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on November 10th – 13th 2016.

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A Beautiful Place

Yogyakarta is a fascinating city and is the foremost cultural center of Java which has been described as The Never Ending Asia. As one of Indonesia’s 33 provinces, Yogyakarta has always had a special air of familiarity, comfort, warmth, and enchanting awe. From the mesmerizing Gamelan, the captivating wayang kulit (leather puppet), the many mystical theater plays and other traditional arts from the classical to contemporary Javanese dances, Yogyakarta’s elements of tradition and culture has never failed to disappoint.

As a place where people from different cultures can blend in a contemporary yet classic atmosphere, it bears the history of Indonesia’s most essential ancient empires. The remarkable Sultan’s palace (the Kraton Ngayogyakarta) is available for a visit under the watchful, but friendly eyes, of a hundred palace guards in their traditional uniforms. There are also rousing markets where Java’s finest craftsmen and painters may offer you their unique arts and crafts for an affordable price. You can even explore some of ancient Asia’s most pretentious wonders – the thousand years old Hindu and Buddhist temples of Prambanan, Borobudur and their subsidiary candis (temples) and shrines that dot the Javanese countryside. Yogyakarta unites all forms of divergences from a myriad of varieties in the world to have a one sense of belonging, a strong bond of trust, and a mutual feeling of love.

Yogyakarta has a favorable location of being geographically located almost equidistant from Indonesia’s two most important international gateways, about 600 km from Jakarta and 1000 km from Bali. This advantage makes Yogyakarta convenient to be visited by transport connections such as buses, trains, or planes.

The average daily temperature of Yogyakarta ranges between 26 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius on a typical day with its minimum and maximum of 18 and 35 degrees respectively. Average humidity is 74% with its minimum of 65% and maximum 84%. Having a tropical climate, the daily atmosphere feels a little bit hot and humid. Although the temperature is diabolical for those who are used to living far from the equator, the pleasant atmosphere and the friendly smiles of its residents make Yogyakarta a haven for those seeking an amazing experience.

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