• FAQ

    1. Q. • Is there any limitation number of teams from each university?
    2. A. No, there is not. Each university is free to send any number of teams.

    3. Q. • When is the deadline for the abstract submission?
    4. A. The deadline is on 5th of May 2018 at 11.59 p.m. (GMT+7).

    5. Q. • Is there any tolerance of delay for an uploading registration form due to technical error?
    6. A. No, there is not. It is better to upload it before the due date in order to prevent unexpected things.

    7. Q. • How much is the fee of registration?
    8. A. The fee registration for abstract submission is FREE.

    9. Q. • What are the necessary requirements for submission ?
    10. A. Registration form (including student card), Statement of Design Authenticity and Abstract Form. For Statement of Design Authenticity that have been signed by the team’s chief on legal size paper and validated by stamp duty, materai IDR 6000 for Indonesia or other validation stamp for International participants.

    11. Q. • Where can the participants get the registration form?
    12. A. The participants will be able to download the registration form on in starting at March 16th 2018.

    13. Q.• Is there any maximum words of the abstract?
    14. A. Yes, there is. The words of the abstract must not exceed 350 words.

    15. Q. • Is the abstract must be written in English?
    16. A. Yes, it is. The abstract must be in English. Standard Written English (SWE) is highly recommended.

    17. Q. • What is the format in sending abstract?
    18. A. The abstract must be sent in PDF format. Then, registration form, Statement of Design Authenticity and Abstract Form are compressed in zip or rar with maximum size of 10 MB.

    19. Q. • What are the scoring criteria of abstract?
    20. A. The criteria are the idea relevance towards theme, creativity, and originality.

    21. Q. • Where can the team get the Guide Book, Registration Form, Statement of Design Authenticity, and Abstract Form?
    22. A. All the attachments can be downloaded from

    23. Q. • What is the minimum page of the mini proposal?
    24. A. The guidelines will be informed in due time.

    25. Q. • How much is the fee needed if the team gets through the mini proposal stage?
    26. A. The fee is IDR 350,000 (local team) and USD 28 (International team) Transferred to Mandiri Account 1380013520528 (Amalia Udi Nugraheni) with swift code: BMRIIDJA.

    27. Q. • How many team will be selected to the final stage?
    28. A. The selected mini proposals (15 teams) will be invited to Yogyakarta to the final stage at September 20th-23th , 2018.

    29. Q. • Is it allowed to join the competition if none of the team members is from Industrial Engineering / Industrial design major?
    30. A. No it is not allowed. There must be at least one Industrial student in every team.

    31. Q. • Why does every team have to include at least one member from industrial Engineering / Industrial Design major?
    32. A. Because it will specify the target market and the correlate the content with industrial scope (i.e. Ergonomic, etc.)

    33. Q. • What facilities will the participants get by joining CHRONICS 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia?
    34. A. All accommodations are provided, including local transportation, hotel facilities, city tour, experience, networking, etc.